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Dinosaur Country

It’s hard to imagine Outback Queensland as an inland sea surrounded by lush steamy forests of Cycads, Ferns and oversized Lichens. It’s equally hard to imagine giant lumbering dinosaurs herding across the landscape with vicious carnivorous Theropods hot on their heels and seas teaming with strange primitive sharks and monstrous Kronosaurs, 10-metre-long killers, unique to the region. The ancient history of Queensland is even more surreal as you wander the chiselled dry, dusty weather worn landscape that greets you today. The world is a dynamic place and a tour that explores more than just the recent history of this land is bound to stimulate your imagination.

Tour Leader: Chris Harding
Price: $5,425
Single Supplement: $565
ARHS Discount: $150
Date:  18 May 2021 – 28 May 2021
Extra Dates:  11 – 21 Sept 2021

Details and Book

At a glance:

  • Relax on an overnight journey on the Spirit of the Outback in first-class sleepers with dinner in the diner
  • Overnight journey on the Spirit of the Outback in first-class sleepers with dinner, breakfast and lunch next day provided
  • Visit the Stockman’s Hall of Fame and Qantas Founders Museum
  • Soak up the wonders of the Dinosaur Stampede National Monument
  • The services of your special driver/guide Viki for most of the journey
  • Explore exceptional Dinosaur museums in Winton, Richmond and Hughenden
  • Special evening fossil digs and paleo themed dinner at the Age of Dinosaurs
  • Soak up the old gold story and stamper battery display at Charters Towers
  • Explore tropical Townsville with visits to Reef HQ Aquarium and Magnetic Island
  • A gentle pace, many meals and the best accommodation available on tour