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78 mins.With wonderful shots of locomotive and the people involved, this video details the movements and enthusiast events that convey the experience of ALCO powered locos. We have the opportunity to see a magnificent insight into the operation of four amazing locomotives in; 4001, 4306, 4520 and 44211 riding the rails from place to place in the midst of a beautiful winter sunlight and bright summer days. With breathtaking shots from tours and exhibition, with scenes that will stun, we get a great appreciation for the locomotives and their heritage.

Firstly we witness the return to service of 4001, after more than 40 years of sitting in the sidings. We are able to appreciate the locomotive on the turntable at Thirlmere, with a stunning shot of the volunteers that made the locomotive’s restoration possible.

Catch sight of these machines in action on the mainline on 4001’s debut trip to Central and on a run with 4306 for the opening of the Exhibition Hall at Thirlmere.

We also see it lead 4520 and 44211 on a trip to Bathurst. We see more of 4306 in action on its return from Broken Hill with 4520. We catch the tour from Molong through to Marrangaroo in glorious late winter sunshine.

Lastly we follow 4520 and 4490 on the last up loco hauled train out of Mudgee on a leisurely dawn run for one last look at this scenic and now closed line.

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