Cincy Diesels

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Cincy Diesels” spends time in Cincinnati where the CSX line heads onto the C&O River Bridge approach where we see a number of trains at different visits, with the skyline of Cincinnati in the background. Another major point seen is the Norfolk Southern engine terminal in Ludlow, Kentucky which is just across the Southern Railway Bridge across from Cincinnati. The Southern and Norfolk Southern merger is still fairly recent and we see Norfolk and Western power, Southern Power, and Norfolk Southern livery diesels. Added road names include Grand Trunk which had several shared power units around Ludlow for switching and for pusher service up Erlanger Hill which is the ruling grade from the Ohio River Valley from Ludlow to Erlanger, Kentucky. We also see ex-Southern Railway switchers at Ludlow, and switching the yard at Gest Street. Besides these areas we will see a few scenes south of Ludlow at Erlanger, and a couple more on the former Southern line.

CSX is seen on the previously mentioned Ohio River Bridge at MD Cabin, Cincinnati Junction, Latonia, Grants Tunnels and more. We will see GE U-boats on CSX, as well as on NS for that matter. Some rare surprises are found on CSX and NS, including a rare GP49 on NS. There are older GP38’s and even some GP30’s on NS, as well as a couple of cameo shots of CSX F-units during 1988.

Other diesels include a brief visit to see U-28b’s in Central Kentucky, and a cameo shot of Kentucky Central 2-6-2 #11 on the TTI Paris-Maysville line. In addition to this steamer, we will also take a brief look at Norfolk and Western 611 testing some repair work at Ludlow in 1990, and N&W 1218 in 1987 passing the famous Cincinnati Union Terminal on a historical last run for one crew member.

There is a lot of variety to be enjoyed in “Cincy Diesels” and map of the area keeps you informed of locations being shown. Standard Definition. Live audio and narration.

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