Coal, Railways and Mines Volumes 1 and 2

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Volume One 


Early Newcastle Coal Mines

The Australian Agricultural Company

The Burwood Estate

The Newcastle Coal Mining Company Limited

Other Collieries Connected to the Railway

Burwood Coal Mining Company, Limited

Howleys  Collieries (Glenrock Collieries)

Howleys Locomotives

Wallsend Collieries

Working New Tunnel Colliery on Tribute

Wallsend Passenger and Goods Service

Removal of Tramway Crossings

Locomotives Working the Railway

Latter Years of Operation

Lambton (later Old Lambton) Colliery

Crossing of Waratah and Lambton Colliery Lines

C0-operative Coal Mining Company

The Waratah Coal Mining Company

Waratah Coal Company’s Shipping Operations

Mining Operations

Waratah Coal Company’s Locomotives

Government Passenger Trains Serving Lambton and New Lambton

Private Sidings on the Waratah Colliery Railway

Australasia ( Australasian) Coal Company

Coal Loading at the Port of Newcastle 

The Move to Bullock Island

Ritchie Brothers ( later Hudson Brothers, Limited ), Wickham

A Goninan’s Works, Wickham

Hartley Vale and New Lambton Collieries

New Lambton ‘C’ Pit and New Lambton Tunnel Colliery

A Goninan & Company Limited, Broadmeadow

Collieries Working Under Tidal Waters

Wickham and Bullock Island Coal Mining Company

Maryville Colliery

Hetton Colliery

Ferndale Colliery-Wickham

Linwood Colliery

The Stockton Coalfield

The Cardiff Collieries

Miscellaneous Collieries

Lymington Colliery

Cardiff Borehole Colliery

Young Wallsend Colliery 

Great Northern Colliery ( later Pacific Colliery)

Gartlee Colliery ( later Northern Extended Colliery)

Coal Wagons

Colour Gallery


Volume Two

The Belmont Railway and Collieries 

Extension of Railway to Belmont

Miners and Passenger Trains

Platforms and Stations

Working the Railway

Collieries Connected to the Belmont Railway

Burwood Extended Colliery (later Redhead Colliery)

Burwood No 3 Shaft ( also known as No 3 Pit, late Burwood Colliery)

Ryhope Colliery, Redhead (later Durham Colliery; later Lambton Colliery)

Fernleigh Colliery

John Darling Colliery

Last Twenty- five Years Working the Railway

The Collieries of the West Wallsend Coalfield

Locomotives on the West Wallsend Section -Part 1

Locomotives on the Seaham Section – Part 1

Locomotives on the Seaham Section – Part 2

Locomotives on the West Wallsend Section -Part 2

Teralba Colliery (later known as Sneddons Colliery and Stockton Borehole Colliery)

Rhondda Colliery (later Northern Colliery)

The Fassifern Collieries

Northumberland (later Newstan) Colliery

Modern Newstan

Other Fassifern Collieries

The Collieries of the Awaba Locality

Catherine Hill Bay (Wallarah) Collieries

Colour Gallery

Ralph Snowball Photographs

Glossary of Mining Terms

Bibliography and References

General Index

Index of Drawings

ARHS NSW Publications.

The Colliery Railways of the Newcastle District. Brian Andrews. 1152 pages in two case bound volumes sold as a set. Limited print run.

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