Diesel Diary – The 4168 Files

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Bevan Wall Productions. Lachlan Valley Rail Freight’s no. 4168 container train..

The Lachlan Valley Rail Freight company began operating their no.4168 train conveying containers from Sandgate near Newcastle to Botany in Sydney late in 1999, running a couple of times a week and hauled by two locomotives. By 2004 the scale of the operation had grown to the stage where the train was running five to six days a week with four or five locomotives up front.

Much to the delight of railway enthusiasts four iconic GM class locomotives were leased to haul the train. One, GM37, had just been repainted into the striking orange and black ARG livery with the other three still wearing faded green and gold AN colours. Working in conjunction with ageing 44 and 442 class locos the GMs put on a spectacular display as they tackled the infamous Cowan bank with photographers from around the country flocking to the area to witness the performance, with quad GMs making numerous runs along with a surprise appearance of quad 44s.

This video is an essential addition to any rail enthusiast’s library, containing sixty minutes of astonishing footage recorded along the Cowan bank during 2004 illustrating this unique railway operation.

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