Diesels in Victoria

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The advent of the 1990’s resulted in big changes in the Victorian railway scene. These were highlighted by the creation of several private rail hauliers and by the completion of the standard gauge line to Adelaide.
This remastered Diesels in Victoria features the new alongside the old, with additional coverage of most contemporary Victorian classes on V/Line and with more recent private operators; as well as archive material of diesel and electric locomotives in an era when steam was still in evidence.
Included on the contemporary scene are locos from South Australia and New South Wales now working regularly into Victoria.
We also take a special look at the diesel driver training simulator in operation at Melbourne’s South Dynon depot.
Locations covered include the historic rail centres of Ballarat, Bendigo and Maryborough, where many features of the steam era still exist.
Contents include:
AN (Australian National)
ATN (Australian Transport Network)
CFCLA (Chicago Freight Car Leasing Australia)
QRN (Queensland Railway National)
FA (Freight Australia)
GN (Great Northern)
NRC (National Rail Corporation)
Patricks Stevedore Co
RTA (Rail Transport Services)
SCT (Specialised Container Transport)
TNT (The World Transportation Group)
V/Line (Public Transport Corporation)
West Coast Railway
Loco classes include:-
A, B, BL/G, C, CLF, CLP, DL, EL, GM, H, N, NR, J, S, T, TL, V, VL, Y, X/XR, XP, 49, 81, 422, 442, 700, & 930.
Running Time – 1 hr 11 min

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