Festiniog Odyssey

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HIS BOOK IS THE STORY of the creation of a remarkable model railway. In gestation for over thirty years, the 4mm scale layout described is a faithful representation of the renowned Festiniog Railway in North Wales. Modelled to a scale of 4mm to the foot, the model depicts the line as it would have appeared in the early Summer of 1926.

Of interest to modellers in all scale and gauge combinations, the lively text describes the techniques developed and employed by the author as he progressed, year by year. Fully illustrated with colour photographs and diagrams, no part of construction is omitted. Besides the layout as a whole, the buildings, locomotives, rolling stock and even the ships in the harbour are described in detail.

The late P D Hancock wrote: “More and more people are constructing models of real locations, but not many of them are as ambitious as Nick Welch who has endeavoured, in a series of linked dioramas, to recreate the atmosphere of most of the two foot gauge Festiniog Railway in North Wales. I personally think that he has done this magnificently.”

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