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From the 1970s to the 2000s, all Britain’s best loved Intercity trains, (the ubiquitous HST High Speed Trains) were powered by Paxman Valenta diesel engines with their unique sound. Today these have been replaced by newer engines so no longer can one hear the iconic HSTs “scream” past.
Video 125 cameras happened to capture the sounds (and sights) of these iconic trains during their heyday, and this programme is a compilation of dozens of shots taken from our archive depicting various locations around the country. A series of runbys, without commentary, is not everybody’s cup of tea (HS-T) but for those who lament the passing of these nostalgic sounds, this film will bring back happy lineside and platform memories.
Running time is 84 minutes and includes dozens of locations, all featuring HSTs from BR, GNER, Midland Mainline, Virgin Trains and First Great Western filmed between 1986 and 2006.* All soundtracks are 100% in broadcast-quality stereo.

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