Hunslet & Hudswell Clarke Locomotives in New Zealand

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52 pages of which 16, including the covers, are in full colour. A4 format, staple bound.
This book tells the stories of all 44 locomotives supplied to New Zealand by two manufacturers based in Leeds, England – the Hunslet Engine Company (10 steam locomotives & 15 diesels, delivered between 1875 and 1958) and Hudswell Clarke & Co (7 steam locomotives & 12 diesels, delivered between 1864 and 1937).
Six NZ Hunslets are preserved in some form. The sole surviving steam Hunslet (No. 1444) is in working order, as are three Hunslet diesels (Nos. 4530, 4531 & 4699). Eight NZ Hudswell Clarkes survive. Of these, one steam locomotive (No. 1542) is under long-term overhaul, and one diesel (D597) remains in working order. The others survive in varying states of completeness.
HUNSLET LOCOMOTIVES: works nos. type and first owner & NZR classifications:
Hunslet Works Nos. 141-144, 0-6-0T, Otago Railways, later NZR’s M class.
Hunslet Order No. 2386, 0-6-0ST, Otago Railways, later NZR’s P class (2 locomtives) & Kaitangata Railway & Coal Co (1 locomotive).
Hunslet Works Nos. 1443-1445, 0-6-0T, Public Works Department, later NZR’s Y class.
Hunslet Works Nos. 4528-4537 & 4697-4701, 0-6-0DM & 0-6-0DH, NZR’s Dsa class.
Preserved NZ Hunslet locomotives: No. 1444 (MOTAT, Auckland), Nos. 4530 & 4534 Ocean Beach Railway, Dunedin), No. 4531 (Goldfields Railway, Waihi), No. 4698 (stored privately), No. 4699 (Nelson Railway).
HUDSWELL CLARKE LOCOMOTIVES: works nos. type and first owner:
Hudswell Clarke Works Nos. 23 & 24, 0-4-0ST, Southland Provincial Council.
Hudswell Clarke Works No. 802, 0-4-2ST, John Deans, Homebush.
Hudswell Clarke Works No. 870, 0-4-2ST, Bartholomew Land & Timber Co.
Hudswell Clarke Works Nos. 1542 & 1543, 0-4-0ST, Sir W G Armstrong & Co.
Hudswell Clarke Works No. 1582, 0-4-0ST, Westfield Freezing Co.
Hudswell Clarke Works Nos. D591-D602, 4wDM, Public Works Department.
Preserved NZ Hudswell Clarke locomotives: No. 802 (Westland Heritage Park, Hokitika), No. 1542 (Oamaru Steam & Rail), No. 1582 (Ngongotaha Rail Trust), D592 (Leeston park), D597 (NZ Army on loan to Pahiatua Railcar Society), D599 (Ferrymead, Christchurch), D602 (MOTAT, Auckland)

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