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January 2020 RD Blurb


Gladstone snapshot

Gladstone is a thriving coal port on the coast of Queensland. The town is the discharge point for all coal trains on the Blackwater and Moura systems, which together are known as the Capricornia Coal Chain. Some coal from the Goonyella system is also sent to Gladstone. The Blackwater system is primarily electrified, has the largest route length of the four coal systems in Queensland and carries the second highest tonnage. The Moura system is diesel hauled, consists only of single track with crossing loops and is the smallest of the Central Queensland systems. John Scott provides an interesting summary of current operations around Gladstone.


A snowy day in the Blue Mountains

Snow in the Blue Mountains had been uncommon during 2019, so when the cold snap arrived in August David McCafferty messaged some like-minded friends to formulate a plan. On Sunday 11 August, they set out on what was to be for them, one of the best days of the year, photographing a variety of trains in a ‘winter wonderland’ setting.


Mayne Yard

Over two weekends in October 2019, the remains of what was once one of Brisbane’s busiest shunting yards were removed. By that time, Mayne Yard had been reduced to a couple of tracks used for storing disused electric trains and perway vehicles, the second weekend’s work involving removal of track back to the main line turnouts at the southern end and to the Breakfast Creek bridge at the northern end. Rod Milne takes a nostalgic look at what was once a vital rail facility.