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Railway Digest January 2018 ‘Blurb’
The V/Line challenge
After successfully completing the Metro Challenge, a gruelling task of stopping at every single station on Melbourne’s metropolitan network in a single day, Jonathan Green and his Dad decided to see if it was possible to stop at all of V/Line’s passenger stations in a single day.

Comeng Life Extension Program
Melbourne’s Comeng EMUs have long been the ‘workhorses’ of the system. Following MTM being granted a seven-year extension to its contract it is expected that some units will be retired during this period and replaced by High Capacity Metro Train, but around 150 three-car units are set to be retained and be the subject of the Comeng Life Extension Project which commenced in 2016 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. Tim Sutherland reports.

Melbourne rail works upsurge under way
Victoria’s capital is experiencing a boom in railway construction activity at present and this is set to continue for several years. John Hoyle examines some of the projects that will transform areas of Melbourne’s heavy and light rail transport.

Shining Sea to Shimmering Stacks: Townsville to The Isa
The Inlander is one of the great survivors of the long-distance passenger era, though today it is constantly rumoured to be discontinued due to low patronage and the high subsidy cost. Robert Gill decided to take a trip to The Isa by rail, while he still could.

The Mernda rail extension
There has been a huge growth in the population of greater Melbourne in recent years. This growth has included along the former Whittlesea railway corridor, which in the last 10 years has seen intense housing being built. With the line having been extended from Epping to South Morang in 2011, a second extension is already underway to Mernda. David Campbell reports.

Dinner in the Diner
In Western Australia you can partake of a proper dining car experience only on The Indian Pacific, or on Hotham Valley Tourist Railway’s Etmilyn Diner train running on the preserved railway out of Dwellingup, south of Perth. However, railway dining experiences are available through other, albeit stationary, outlets. David Whiteford takes us on a culinary journey through some of these venues.