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Railway Digest May Blurb
Catch me while you can
While the second of QR’s electric tilt trains is undergoing refurbishment, a temporary diesel locomotive-hauled replacement service, known colloquially as the ‘Tiltlander’ has been operating between Brisbane and Rockhampton. Robert Gill took a trip up to Rocky on the ETT, and back on the ‘Tiltlander’, to see how they compare.

From Coast to Coast
When it comes to transcontinental railways, Australia is unique. Our north-south and east-west routes don’t just cross; they share the same track for 528 kilometres, from Crystal Brook to Tarcoola. So, as Larry Zanker explains, here in Australia we can have north, south, east and west-bound transcontinental trains all running on the same track.

Trainspotting made easy at Manildra
These days, when observing trains is becoming ever more difficult, it is refreshing to find a dedicated viewing platform where railfans can take photos to their heart’s content without that annoying high wire fence getting in the way or being threatened with crippling fines. Neville Pollard reports.

Chasing trains in Tasmania – Not!
The opportunity for Shane O’Neil to visit the island state presented itself recently due to a number of circumstances. The 60th birthday of an old friend who was working a four-month stint on the West Coast Wilderness Railway at Queenstown as a steam driver, provided all the reasons needed to say ‘let’s go’. Shane also felt that, seeing as he was there, he may as well spend some time photographing regular TasRail operations. Well, that was the plan at least!