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Over the last few decades, there have been many TV profiles of the beautiful Settle to Carlisle railway. However, only Tele Rail based at nearby Carnforth, are in a unique position to capture all the best rail activity right through the year.

From the incredible winter of snows of 2010 throughout the following seasons, this programme gives a unique insight into the character of this wonderful line contrasting steam, freight and everyday passenger movements along the whole route. In just 72 miles between Settle and Carlisle there are 14 tunnels and over 20 viaducts. So it’s hardly surprising that for many rail fans this wonderful line with its unique mixture of magnificent Victorian engineering and wonderful scenery represents the most scenic railway journey in England today.
The line has survived two very misguided attempts to close it, once in the early 1960s and later in the 1980s. However, today this extraordinary line is once again very busy with freight and passengers who now benefit from the millions of pounds invested in both the track and stations in recent years.
Expertly scripted, this programme offers the very best of railway action along the entire Settle to Carlisle line throughout the year and is certain to appeal to both lovers of railways and the beautiful Yorkshire Dales National Park.
Also this volume is available to purchase singly or at a special price of only ‘45.00 when purchased with the Settle to Carlisle Cab Ride.

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