The NZR Steam Locomotive

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“If you only ever have one book about New Zealand Railways steam locomotives, then ‘The NZR Steam Locomotive’ is the one to have.”New Zealand Railfan.

“An outstanding work … highly recommended.”. Railway Digest (Australia).

“This is the best book I have ever seen covering steam locomotives in New Zealand.”. Fishpond customer review.

336 pages. A4 format, hard bound with dust jacket.

The major work on New Zealand Railways’ steam locomotives.

Classes covered: NZR A Class (Dubs) 0-4-0T, NZR A Class (Mills) 0-4-0T, NZR A Class (Shanks) 0-4-0ST, NZR A Class 4-6-2, NZR Aa Class 4-6-2, NZR Ab Class 4-6-2, NZR B Class 0-4-4-0T, NZR B Class 4-8-0, NZR Ba Class 4-8-0, NZR Bb Class 4-8-0, NZR Bc Class 2-8-2, NZR C Class 0-4-0ST & 0-4-2ST, NZR C Class 2-6-2, NZR D Class 2-4-0T, NZR D Class 0-4-0T, NZR E Class (Vulcan) 0-4-4-0T, NZR E Class (Avonside) 0-4-4-0T, NZR E Class 2-6-6-0T, NZR F Class 0-6-0ST, NZR Fa Class 0-6-0T & 0-6-2T, NZR G Class 4-4-0ST, NZR G Class 4-6-2+2-6-4, NZR G Class 4-6-2, NZR H Class 0-4-2T, NZR J Class 2-6-0, NZR J & Jb Class 4-8-2, NZR Ja Class 4-8-2, NZR K Class 2-4-2, NZR K Class 4-8-4, NZR Ka Class 4-8-4, NZR Kb Class 4-8-4, NZR L Class 2-4-0T, NZR La Class 4-4-0T, NZR L Class (NZR) 4-4-2T, NZR La Class (Nasmyth Wilson) 4-4-0T, NZR M Class 0-6-0T & 2-4-4T, NZR N Class 2-6-2, NZR Na Class 2-6-2, NZR Nc Class 2-6-2, NZR O Class 2-8-0, NZR Oa Class 2-8-0, NZR Ob Class 2-8-0, NZR Oc Class 2-8-0, NZR P Class 0-6-0ST, NZR P Class 2-8-0, NZR Q Class 2-4-4T, NZR Q Class 4-6-2, NZR R Class 0-6-4T, NZR S Class 0-4-0ST, NZR S Class 0-6-4T, NZR T Class 2-8-0, NZR U Class 4-6-0, NZR Ua Class 4-6-0, NZR Ub Class (Baldwin) 4-6-0, NZR Ub Class (Brooks) 4-6-0, NZR Ub Class (Richmond) 4-6-0, NZR Uc Class 4-6-0, NZR Ud Class 4-6-0, NZR V Class 2-6-2, NZR W Class 2-6-2T, NZR Wa Class (new) 2-6-2T, NZR Wa Class (converted) 2-6-2T, NZR Wab & Ws Class 4-6-4T, NZR Wb Class 2-6-2T, NZR Wd Class 2-6-4T, NZR We Class 4-6-4T, NZR Wf Class 2-6-4T, NZR Wg Class 4-6-4T, NZR Wh Class 2-6-2T, NZR Wj Class 2-8-4T, NZR Ww Class 4-6-4T, NZR X Class 4-8-2, NZR Y Class 0-6-0T, Unclassified Locomotives, Rm class (Clayton) steam railcar, Rm class (Sentinel) steam railcar.

Manufacturers covered: American Locomotive Co (US), Avonside Engine Co (UK), W G Bagnall (UK), Baldwin Locomotive Works (US), Andrew Barclay Sons & Co (UK), Beyer Peacock & Co (UK), Black Hawthorn & Co (UK) , Alexander Chaplin & Co (UK), Clayton Wagons (UK), Davenport Locomotive Works (US), Davidson, James & Co (NZ), Dubs & Co (UK), John Fowler & Co (UK), Heisler Locomotive Works (US), Henry Hughes & Co (UK), Hunslet Engine Co (UK), Johnston & Sons (NZ), Manning Wardle & Co (UK), E W Mills (NZ), Nasmyth Wilson & Co (UK), Neilson & Co (UK), NZR Addington Workshops, NZR Hillside Workshops, NZR Hutt Workshops, NZR Newmarket Workshops, NZR Petone Workshops, NZR Westport Workshops, North British Locomotive Co, A & G Price (NZ), Rogers Locomotive Works (US), Scott Bros (NZ), Sentinel-Cammell (UK), Alexander Shanks & Sons (UK), Sharp Stewart & Co (UK), Slaughter Gruning & Co (UK). Robert Stephenson & Co (UK), Vulcan Foundry (UK), Yorkshire Engine Co (UK).

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