Visions of Victoria

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Melbourne underwent great changes in the decades following World War II, with rapid population growth and mass migration during the 1950s and ’60s forever altering the face of the city. Despite the changes, Melbourne in this period was often considered to be idyllic, with an ease of life, and a strong sporting and social culture.

Kodachrome 35 mm film became commercially available in Australia in the early 1950s, and with its vibrant colours and grainless quality, it rapidly became the film of choice for many photographers.

Melbourne, with its wide, tree-lined streets and fabulous 1880s architecture, was a natural subject for photographers of the period. So too were regional cities such as Ballarat and Bendigo, along with many of the state’s attractive country towns and picturesque rural landscapes.

Visions of Victoria is a journey back in time to a very different place – with red trains and green trams, Moomba parades, FJ Holdens and men wearing hats – viewed through the wonders of Kodachrome, the world’s most beautiful film.

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