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The ARHS Railway Resource Centre is managed by the ARHSnsw Division.

The Railway Resource Centre is at the heart of what the ARHSnsw is all about.  Staffed by volunteers, the Resource Centre is a treasure of original railway documents, engineering drawings, photographs, film, sound recordings, manuals, timetables and reports as well as a vast amount of material written about so many aspects of railways in Australia since the Society began in 1933.

The Resource Centre has moved into a temporary premises until our new headquarters is renovated. Therefore we are open by appointment only; please call or e-mail if you would like to visit. However, many enquiries can be addressed by e-mail or telephone.

Access to the RRC is free for members; a $15 charge applies to non-members.

We are working to develop a dedicated site for the RRC where a large proportion of the material most useful to researchers, historians, modellers and enthusiasts will be available online, for the first time, at moderate cost.  Please check the site regularly for updates on the launch or become a member to receive regular updates.

Historic Notes on the Beirut-Tripoli Railway
with particular attention to the Australian contribution
Knowles Beirut to Tripoli
Royal Engineers Journal June 1952