Each month the Society produces two magazines, Australian Railway History and Railway Digest.  Across both publications, we cover all things contemporary in today’s Railway as well as looking back into the history of the railways.

Australian Railway History is a 32 page monthly publication which looks back in time across the events, milestones, mishaps, changes and evolving stories.  Australian Railways have played a role in so many lives and will continue to do so into the future.  In this magazine we try and capture what we have left behind, what has forged many memories and an opportunity to educate the young on how the past became the present.

Railway Digest is a 64-page monthly publication allowing its readers to stay in touch with the modern Railway systems across the nation.  With a team of editors across the country, Railway Digest will stay a leader in up to date information across the system capturing relevant news, changes and future plans.

Railway Digest

Australian Railway History