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Railway Digest brings you the latest in railway news.

Published every month since 1963, Railway Digest contains news, full-length articles on current topics, and historical and operational information from all of Australia's railways.

Railway Digest also publishes the work of Australia's leading rail photographers, giving you the best in editorial and pictorial content.

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Regular Features:

  • Rail Industry
  • Railway people
  • News
  • Rolling Stock Contracts and Deliveries
  • Signalling and infrastructure
  • Video and Book Reviews
  • Preservation and Tourist
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Editorial Team

Bruce Belbin

Lawrance Ryan
National Affairs

Darren Tulk
Editorial Assistant

Ken Date

James Dalton
Acting General Manager

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Editorial Contributions

Railway Digest Editor Bruce Belbin welcomes your comments, letters and contributions (copy or photographic).

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Email at editor@railwaydigest.com.au