The Australian Railway Historical Society’s Railway Bookshop

The Railway Bookshop stocks a wide range of books relating to railway construction, history and operation. We have titles on topics including route development, locomotives, carriages, wagons, stations, infrastructure and signalling.

Railway Bookshop Opening Hours

The Henderson Road Railway Book shop is open:

Monday to Friday 9:00am – 3:00pm

Saturday 9:00am to 1:00pm

If you’re unable to shop in person, you can also order online anytime!

Phone orders can also be place by calling (02) 9699 4595.

If we can’t take your call, please leave a message and we will get back to you.

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The Railway Book Specialists!

We’ve got books about trains from all over the world, from Australia to Africa. Whether you’re interested in steam, diesel, or electric locomotives, metro, or long-distance trains, we’ll have something for you.

Our collection of railway books is truly extensive, catering to both avid enthusiasts and casual readers alike. The Railway Bookshop has a welcoming atmosphere and its own cafe. The bookshop is decorated with railway artefacts and is filled with shelf after shelf of fascinating titles.

Early Railway Development

For those intrigued by the early days of railway development, we have books that cover the history of route planning and construction. As railway networks expanded across vast continents and hostile landscapes, pioneering engineers and labourers faced many challenges. Trains like the Trans-Australian and Spirit of Progress, will take you back to the golden age of railways.

Locomotives, Carriages and Wagons

If you have a passion for locomotives, our extensive selection of books dedicated to these magnificent machines will impress you. Explore the evolution of steam engines, from their humble beginnings to their peak. We also have plenty of books about diesel and electric locomotives. Our collection includes the impact of technology on railways including the transition from steam to modern technology.

Carriage and wagon enthusiasts will also find plenty to interest them. There are titles documenting the development of both freight and passenger vehicles. In the golden age of railways, most goods were transported by train. Railways played a vital role in shaping economies around the globe.

Stations, Sheds and Signals

Stations, often the heart and soul of any railway network, are also represented in our bookshop. Explore the architectural wonders that grace the world’s most iconic stations, from the grandeur of Grand Central Terminal in New York to the timeless charm of London’s St Pancras International. Delve into the stories behind these bustling hubs, where millions of passengers have embarked on their own journeys throughout history.

No railway system would be complete without the infrastructure and signalling that keep it running smoothly and safely. Our collection includes books that shed light on the intricate network of tracks, bridges, and tunnels that make up the backbone of any railway. Dive into the world of railway signalling, where complex systems ensure the safe and efficient movement of trains. Gain a newfound appreciation for the unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our railways operating flawlessly.

Australian and International, New or Second-Hand

And finally, for those with a global curiosity, our collection spans continents, offering a diverse range of books on railways from Australia to Africa and beyond. The Railway Bookshop also stocks a huge range of good-value second-hand books. Come and browse the hundreds of books in stock!

The Australian Railway Historical Society owns and operates The Railway Bookshop. It was previously in Renwick St Redfern and has also been on the main concourse of Central Railway Station.