Bagnall Locomotives in New Zealand

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68 pages of which 16, including the covers, are in full colour. A4 format, staple bound.
A comprehensively-illustrated and fascinating history of the 10 steam and 20 diesel locomotives supplied to NZR and private owners by British builder W G Bagnall Ltd, between 1882 and 1958. One NZ Bagnall locomotive remains in active industrial service, while three others are preserved in operational condition on heritage railways.
NZ Bagnall Steam locomotives: works nos, names (if any), type and first owner:
Bagnall Works No.416, “Samson”, 0-4-0IST, Mercury Bay Timber Co.
Bagnall Works No. 1718, “Nikau”, 0-4-0ST, New Plymouth Sash & Door Company.
Bagnall Works No. 1803, “Sandfly,” 0-4-0ST, Seifert & Co’s Miranui Flax Mill.
Bagnall Works No. 1857, 0-4-0ST, Christchurch Gas Company.
Bagnall Works No 1879, “Jack”, 0-4-0ST later 0-4-ST+T, Gisborne Borough Council.
Bagnall Works No. 1902, 0-4-2ST, Powell Wood Process Company.
Bagnall Works No. 1922, “Annie”, 0-4-2T, Gisborne Borough Council.
Bagnall Works No. 2409, 0-4-0ST, Briandale Collieries Ltd.
Bagnall Works No. 2475, 0-6-0T, Nelson (NZ) Ltd Tomoana Freezing Works.
Bagnall Works No. 2513, “Empire”, 2-4-2PT, Waihi Gold Mining Company.
NZ Bagnall Diesel locomotives: works nos, type and first owner:
Bagnall Works No. 3076, 0-6-0DM later 0-6-0DH, Tasman Pulp & Paper Company.
Bagnall Works Nos. 3079-3088, 0-6-0DM later 0-6-0DH, New Zealand Railways (NZR) Dsa class.
Bagnall Works Nos. 3104-3110, 0-4-0DM (some later 0-4-0DH), New Zealand Railways (NZR) Tr class.
Bagnall Works Nos. 3132 & 3144, 0-6-0DM, Wilson’s (NZ) Portland Cement Company.
Preserved NZ Bagnall locomotives: Nos. 1857 & 3105 (Canterbury Railway Society), No. 1922 (East Coast Museum of Technology), Nos. 2475 & 3107 (Mainline Steam), Nos. 3079 & 3144 (Waitara Railway Preservation Society), No. 3082 (Glenbrook Vintage Railway), No. 3132 (Whangarei Steam & Model Railway Club)

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