Green Diesels – The 40 and 41 Classes

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Green Diesels of the New South Wales Government Railways, the 40 and 41 Classes. By Ron Preston

This book is a departure for this well-known author as it marks his first venture into the world of diesel-electric locomotives. From the early proposals to the introduction of the 40 and 41 classes, the book describes the policies and decisions taken to eventually eliminate steam from the tracks of the NSWGR. The book describes in basic detail and readable style, the operation of both classes on many types of trains and in various areas. It explores the operating systems under which they worked and outlines the many changes to their control and appearance.

Green Diesels features 184 pages, fully illustrated, fully indexed, 27 colour plates, scale drawings in a colour case-bound cover.


Publisher: Eveleigh Press

Format: Hardcover

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