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Metros and France – a combination of words primarily associated with Paris. And in fact, the Paris Metro is more than 100 years old and comprises a total of 16 lines – for one of Europe‘s largest metropolises this fascinating underground system is an inseparable part of everyday city life. But besides Paris, France has a variety of other, often unconventional, rapid transit systems, which have been developed since the 1970s: among them are the rubber-tyred metros of Marseille and Lyon, the fully automatic, driverless VAL systems in Lille, Toulouse, Rennes and at Orly Airport in Paris, as well as the partly underground light rail system in Rouen, the automatic people-mover in Laon and the RER network in Paris. With more than a million passengers per day, RER Line A is amongst the busiest rapid transit lines in the world. This book, the third volume of the series ‚Metros in Europe‘, illustrates the history of all these systems.

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