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A new book covering the history of Campbelltown and the surrounding area. Over 200 beautiful black and white photographs.

Pictorial History Campbelltown and District by Jeff McGill is the latest publication in our pictorial history series. The book describes this historic part of Sydney and its growth and development, from first white settlement and the resulting conflicts with Aboriginal people, through to Governor Macquarie’s declaration of the town in 1820.

The new white settlers were battlers and ex-convicts. The district became the granary of the colony, supplying Sydney with wheat and later sheep. Following the goldrush it became a boom town with brand new buildings. The rail established Campbelltown as the transport centre for produce. Railway villages and orchards appeared along the line. The community grew, along with its sense of pride. The First World War brought the people of Campbelltown together, as did the Second World War.

By the 1950s it had become a satellite town and by the 1970s it was again a centre for new growth. Since this time, local pride has grown along with its identity as a regional city – a good place to live and loved by its residents.

140 pages, b & w.

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