Retro Sydney 1950 – 2000

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A collection of beautiful photographs that invites you to immerse yourself and revisit the cool, quirky, glamorous, exciting, menacing, and wonderful times of Retro Sydney.

This collection of photographs celebrates the vibrant and exciting coming of age of Australia’s first city in the ‘golden era’ of 1950 to 2000. From the bustling heart of the CBD, to the quaint suburbia of the outer suburbs, the fashionable streets of Double Bay, the seedy and glamorous Kings Cross, and the carefree beachside suburbs of Sydney, Retro Sydney captures the city’s most significant postwar milestones, and highlights its development and transformation into an international metropolis.

Adapted from the highly popular ‘Retro Sydney’ Instagram account, this collection is a celebration of Sydney. It allows us to behold iconic sights and scenes — some as they were, and some as they still are, generations later. For many readers, it offers a chance to indulge in rare memories of growing up in Australia’s first city.

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