Signal Boxes of NSW Railways & Tramways Vol.1

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• The history of NSW railway and tramway signal boxes based on many
decades of research.
• Approximately 2000 pages over 4 volumes.
• More than 1400 signal boxes detailed.
• More than 1600 photos – many in colour, the majority never seen in print
• Maps.
• Thematic history of NSW railways & tramways and the context in which
signal boxes were constructed.
• Analysis of each design type.
• The designers.
• Materials, fittings and various design elements.
• A brief history of interlocking machine types used in NSW – first time ever.
• Brief review of interstate signal box types.
• Scale drawings by Greg Edwards.
• Who should purchase these books?
Modellers, railway and tramway, social and industrial historians, those
interested in Australian history and railway professionals. Do not miss your
• This is a single print run. Only a limited number to be printed. Printed in Australia

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