The X Class Era in Western Australia

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For the first time all in one book, the story of 48 locomotives that ushered in the modern era on WA railways.
Imported in one bold (some would say rash) order, the X class were unveiled with great promise, then suffered so many problems as to cast doubt on whole idea, and bring about a royal commission.
But WAGR engineers eventually solved the problems and these engines went on to give three decades of service all over the system, whether on the express passenger trains or with goods on the most remote lightly-laid branch lines.
Peter Gould has researched and recorded their design and construction, the problems operating in WA’s harsh environment, the royal commission and politics and their service life.
Each of the 48 locos has an individual entry with photograph and life history notes. More than 200 pages, A4 size, numerous photographs mostly in colour.

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