Where there’s smoke

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Where there’s smoke may be our final hurrah! In this publication (there will be two volumes due to the wide area of coverage) we are presenting the best of the best of our global coverage. Contributors include Charlie Lewis, who visited Europe in the mid-1960’s and became internationally known for his South African images, Robert Kingsford-Smith, who now leads rail tours throughout Asia and is well respected amongst the Australian railfan community, Mike Tyack and Pete Skelton from the United Kingdom, and others.

Part 1 covers operations from Scotland all the way to Cape Town, with chapters encompassing Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East including Turkey, and Northern, Central and Southern Africa. There are plodding old engines from the mid-19th century through to sleek express passenger machines running at high speed in the latter days of steam haulage.

If you have a love of steam, or are simply curious to see some of the amazing scenery and motive power that operated around the world only a generation ago, you will be proud to have this book in your collection.



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