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In this video, we cover almost every run 5029 Nunney Castle made, once the locomotive returned to the main line in 1991. There are numerous double headers with fellow Great Western locomotives and much of the content recreates the glorious days of Western Region steam with classic routes like Paddington to Penzance, Bristol to Kingswear, The Cotswold route, Bristol to Carmarthen, Paddington to Birmingham and Bristol to Weymouth. All of the major banks are covered including Dainton, Hemerdon, Whiteball, Sapperton, Cockett, Hatton, Llanvihangel, Torre and Saunderton. We also see the loco on the Settle & Carlisle line as well as climbing out of Sheffield. On-train and footplate footage is featured, to augment the lineside shots, on a number of runs.

Disc One: 1991 – 1996 (1hr 28 mins)

8th June 1991 Swindon-Worcester-Swindon. 11th November 1991 Paddington-Worcester. 29th February 1992 Didcot-Sheffield-Didcot. 9th April 1992 Paddington-Stratford-Paddington. 31st May & 27th September 1992 Acton-Stratford-Acton.2nd May 1993 Worcester Open Day Shuttles to Rushwick.17th July & 14th August 1994 Didcot-Cheltenham-Worcester-Oxford-Didcot. 9th February 1994 Didcot Sheffield.12th February 1994 Settle & Carlisle Railway northbound.12th March 1994 Seen at Ais Gill with a diesel pilot.1st April 1994 Crewe-Chester-Llandudno Jnc (double heading with 828). 5th April 1994 Shrewsbury-Hereford-Newport (double heading with Standard 4 Tank 80080).12 June 1994 Didcot-Oxford Shuttles. 8th October 1994 Didcot Westbury-Cranmore (first steam over the Berks & Hants Route since 1964). 18th December 1994 Paddington-Bicester-Stratford.17th February 1996 Westbury-Exeter-Plymouth-Westbury. (double heading with 7802 Bradley Manor from Exeter to Plymouth and back). 31st August 1996 Westbury-Bristol-Hereford-Stourbridge Jnc. (Class 37 Diesel pilot from Hereford).

Disc Two: October 2000 – May 2003 (2hrs 37mins)

28th October 2000 Crewe-Holyhead-Crewe7th April 2001 Taunton-Penzance (double heading with 4936 Kinlet Hall). This sequence includes on-train footage. 16th April 2001 Penzance-Plymouth-Taunton (double heading with 4936). 5th May 2001 Willesden-Newbury-Bristol-Chippenham-Willesden.19th May 2001 Bristol-Swindon-Paddington (double heading with 6024 King Edward I).14th July 2001 Paddington-Oxford-Evesham-Worcester-Oxford-Paddington.14th August Paddington-Newbury-Exeter-Paignton-Paddington. 28th September Bristol-Gloucester-Newport-Gloucester-Bristol (Crewe training). 13th October Westbury-Exeter-Plymouth.11th November Swansea-Cardiff-Swindon-Paddington.1st December 2001 Paddington-Oxford-Evesham-Worcester-Paddington. 4th May 2002 Bristol-Exeter-Plymouth-Penzance (double heading with 5051 Earl Bathurst). 24th August 2002 Paddington-Worcester. 30th November 2002 Paddington-Oxford-Evesham-Worcester.1st February 2003 Exeter-Plymouth-Penzance.15th February 2003 Newton Abbot-Bristol-Cardiff-Barry-Bridgend. 2rd May 2003 Bristol-Plymouth-Bristol (double heading with 5051). 29th November 2003 Paddington-Oxford-Worcester. 20th March 2004 Victoria-Newbury-Bristol Chippenham-Victoria. 29th May 2004 Bristol-Plymouth-Penzance (double heading with 5051) . This sequence includes on-train and footplate footage.

Disc Three: May 2004 – September 2014 (2hrs 30 mins)

31st May 2004 Penzance-Plymouth-Exeter (double heading with 5051). 21st August Bristol-Plymouth-Bristol (double heading with 5051). 30th August 2004 Newport-Aberthaw-Carmarthen-Swansea-Newport. 23rd April 2005 Exeter-Plymouth-Par-Exeter (double heading with 6024 King Edward I). 20th August 2005 Willesden-Worcester-Sapperton-Willesden. 20th September 2005 Victoria-Newbury-Cranmore. 26th July 2008 Solihull-Bath-Bristol-Chippenham-Solihull. 4th October 2008 Stourbridge-Malvern-Hereford-Gloucester (double heading with 4936 Kinlet Hall). 5th April 2009 Westbury-Taunton-Exeter (double heading with 70013 Oliver Cromwell). 16th May 2009 Shrewsbury-Newport-Gloucester-Tyseley (double heading with 5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe). 26th June 2010 Exeter-Plymouth-Par (double heading with 6024). 28th June Penzance-Plymouth-Exeter-Bristol-Bath-Paddington (double heading with 6024). 15th/29th August 2010 Bristol-Westbury-Weymouth Westbury-Bristol. 22nd April 2011 Preston-Shrewsbury-Hereford-Bristol. 24th April 2011 Bristol-Newbury-Paddington.10th July 2011 Bristol-Exeter-Plymouth-Par-Bristol.17th/24th July 2011 Bristol-Westbury-Weymouth Wesbury-Bristol.11th August/15th Sept 2013 Bristol-Westbury-Weymouth Westbury-Bristol. 15th September 2013 Bristol-Carmarthen-Bristol. 9th May 2014 Bristol-Westbury-Exeter-Plymouth-Exeter-Bristol. 50th anniversary run of Z48 (this sequence features on-train footage).31st May 2014 Bristol-Cardiff-Carmarthen/Fishguard-Swansea-Bristol.

All action, no commentary. Features  captions to identify locations and relevant information.

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