The Way it Was… on the South DVD

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The main southern line was emblematic of the NSWGR in the 1950s. The powerful 38 Class pacifics ensured fast running of the main expresses and the big 57 Class  took a wide variety of goods.  Filmed in the late ’50s/ early ’60s using mainly Kodachrome movie film.  This footage has been professionally scanned to digital format and includes quality sound recordings of the locos seen. This film brings to life the zenith of steam in NSW. Numerous 57, 38, 36 and 60 class and standard goods locomotives are featured.

The films, from the cameras of Ken Kershaw, Brian Coker and others provide an unparalleled reminder of NSWGR in steam days, ‘the way it was…’

Colour footage. Running Time : 50 Mins English


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