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JT18 Just Trains 18 Wels 2020
Wels is city of 60,000 in Upper Austria. It lies on the OBB Westbahn (Vienna – Linz – Salzburg) and the Wels Passau Railway to Germany.
This makes it an important junction for passenger traffic and a VERY important junction for freight!
About 2/3 of the freight heads for Germany via Passau, most of the balance heads towards Salzburg but there are significant customers along the way – notably Lenzing a pioneer in the production of cellulose fabrics. There is also freight from private company Stern Hafferl a local passenger and freight train company. They have some 80km of their own track (plus some metre gauge) west of Linz. They work as subcontractors for RCA – but they also have “their own” customers. The two largest are at Aschach a.d. Donau – both are in the food business. SETG (Salzburger Eisenbahn TransportLogistik GmbH), is an Austrian (Salzburg) open access operator owned by the German MWB. They have a decent clutch of modern locomotives including a fleet of 14 hired Vectrons – many in special liveries. We see their beautiful Vectron Beethoven.
Wels sits between south-eastern Europe (+Turkey) and central and southern Germany. Consequently intermodals come thick and fast – so do automotive trains, including one of the longest run on the continent – Ford’s train from Craiova (Romania) to Vlissingen (Netherlands).

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